Starbeck care home’s alternative approach to dementia training

29 January 2019 – Harrogate Advertiser

A care home in Starbeck has incorporated an alternative approach to dementia training, designed to give staff a more immersive experience of what it is like to live with the condition.

In addition to its usual training methods, Belmont House hosted a day of virtual dementia training – where staff were given special glasses, gloves, insoles and headphones to wear, which were designed to alter their senses and perceptions to simulate the disorientating effects that neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s disease can have.

Staff were then given a list of instructions and basic tasks to complete, to give an insight into the challenges faced by people living with dementia each day.

Belmont House care home is operated by the Countrywide Care Group and provides nursing and residential care for the elderly, and specialist residential and nursing care for people living with dementia.


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