Care work is the most stressful of all, survey says

23 January 2019 – CHM Online

A survey has revealed that the most stressful of 10 professions, is working in the care industry.

CV-Library’s survey found that over 86% of care professionals feel stressed, by factors such as  increasing workload. their manager, tight deadlines and making a mistake. Nearly half (47.4%)  of care workers said this impacts their private life; almost three in five stressed care workers said it left in a low mood even after they leave work.

The full list of stressful professions includes:

Social Care – 86.4 per cent
Recruitment – 81.8 per cent
Sales – 79.2 per cent
Accounting – 76.7 per cent
Construction – 76 per cent
Marketing – 73.7 per cent
IT – 70 per cent
Legal – 70 per cent
Design – 69.2 per cent
Manufacturing – 68.6 per cent.


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