Woman, 68, who received a lung transplant develops her donor’s peanut allergy in ‘very rare’ phenomenon

02 January 2019 – Daily Mail

A woman who had a lung transplant from a young man ended up developing his peanut allergy.

She was recovering well until, one day before she was due to go home, she began struggling to breathe and felt tightness in her chest in a ‘severe reaction’.

Doctors made the link to a food allergy when she told them the symptoms began immediately after eating a peanut butter and jam sandwich.

However she had never had a nut allergy before, therefore medics checked with the transplant agency and discovered the donor was allergic and had passed it on.


Ed. Whilst this is a ‘very rare’ occurrence, it must be taken into account or declared via the donor process so that recipients can be made aware of the possibility of an allergy being passed over.

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