Halloween shock for 1.4m people living without care

29 October 2018 – Independent Care Group

Care providers have expressed disappointment at the extra £650m announced for social care in today’s budget.

The Independent Care Group says the new money is welcome – provided it reaches the front line -but warns that it is nowhere near enough to end the crisis in the care of older and vulnerable adults.

And they are calling on the Government to come clean over when the much-delayed Green Paper on social care will finally be published.

The independent Care Group’s Chair, Mike Padgham, said: “Despite the Chancellor promising to avoid any Halloween headlines by having his budget today, he has given a nasty shock to the 1.4m people currently living without care.

“The extra £650m to support social care is obviously welcome, but in reality it is just a drop in the ocean compared to what has been pledged for NHS care and to what is needed for social care.

“It goes nowhere near addressing the funding gap on social care, expected to be £3.5bn within seven years and the £7bn that has been cut from social care spending in the past eight years.

“This money, whilst welcome, is not going to address the crisis in social care that is seeing care homes close, homecare providers hand back unviable contracts, extra care providers struggling and, above all, 1.4m people going without the care they need.

“We desperately need to see the long-promised Green Paper, which we hope will set out a proper, long-term solution to the social care crisis.”

Before the budget the group had called on the Chancellor to include a rescue plan for the struggling social care sector to help the 1.4m people who are currently going without the care they need.

It wants to see:

Merging NHS health care and social care into a National Care and Health Service
Greater funding for social care – possibly through taxation and/or NI contributions – helping social care and easing the burden on the NHS
A bursary to encourage more nursing staff into the profession
Dementia to be regarded as a health issue and supported like other illnesses
An end to the VAT anomaly that damages care providers.

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