Response to Government £240m care boost

02 October 2018 – Age UK

Age UK responds to the proposed £240m for social care to ease pressure this winter.

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK said: “No one wants to see a return to the situation we’ve seen in recent winters, with many older people stuck in hospital for longer than medically necessary for want of social care support in the community. Today’s announcement of more funding for care this winter is therefore very welcome and it will certainly help, but it won’t stretch to provide care for all those

at risk of being stranded in hospital, let alone the 1.4 million languishing at home with some unmet need for care.
“This emergency bail out is a down payment on the £2 billion plus experts say social care badly needs next year from the Chancellor’s Budget, if a tough winter is not to be followed by an equally harsh spring & scary summer if you’re an older person struggling to cope. ”


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