Leading experts slam current diabetes care in UK care homes

25 July 2018 – Diabetes Times

Leading experts have criticised diabetes care in nursing homes, saying that it remains “fragmented” with urgent steps needed to restore the “health and dignity” of older people.

Lead author Professor Alan Sinclair, from the Foundation for Diabetes Research in Older People and University of Aston, said: “Our findings show the level of diabetes care remains fragmented which is quite worrying because figures suggest over a quarter of care home residents are believed to have the condition. Without proper management, it can lead to frailty, dependency, disability and reduced life expectancy.”

Alongside Professor Sinclair, Professor Roger Gadsby, of Warwick Medical School, Dr Ahmed Abdelhafiz, from Rotherham General Hospital and Dr Mark Kennedy, from Corio Medical Clinic in Australia wanted to investigate what interventions had been introduced in a bid to improve care and what needed to be done to address the declining diabetes health of this vulnerable sector of people.

The findings also suggested that care homes often lack HbA1c monitoring, diabetes self-management programmes, regular exercise activities and most staff have very little knowledge of hypoglycaemia treatment.


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