Test your knowledge of Britain’s health over 70 years of the NHS

02 July 2018 – ONS

The Office for National Statistics and NHS in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland are asking the public to test their knowledge of how the nation’s health has improved over 70 years of the National Health Service through four online interactive charts.

The NHS has evolved and devolved in the 70 years since its birth. During this time there have been many improvements in the health of the nation. A lot has changed; with longer life expectancies, infectious diseases such as measles and polio have reduced and cancer survival rates are at record levels. But do the public know by how much?

The four interactive drawing tools, built using data collected by the ONS, allow website visitors to draw the missing information predicting:

· The increase in life expectancy over 70 years;
· A decrease in infant mortality;
· The number of babies born, vast majority delivered by the NHS;
· The number of people aged 65 and older.

The charts give the latest figure and visitors to the NHS70 website have to tap and drag the dot on each graph and draw the rest of the chart back to 1948 (or the earliest year available), then use the “Show me the answer” button to see how they did.

England and Wales:
Period Life expectancy
Live births
Infant mortality
Population aged 65 and older (Great Britain)

Northern Ireland:
Live births

Period life expectancy
Live births
Infant mortality
Population aged 65 and older (Scotland)


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