Happy Birthday NHS

05 July 2018 – NCA

National Care Association wishes to join the rest of the country to wish our National Health Service a very happy birthday. We congratulate the teams that make the cogs turn daily on a service which saves and changes the lives of our citizens on a daily basis. We remain the envy of the world that we can deliver a service which is free at the point of access.

Clearly, with age this great institution has also begun to show some fatigue and needs help and support. It has received a great present from the state of an additional £20 billion, so what more could we do to support it and ensure that it is a robust, sustainable establishment fit for the future?

Nadra Ahmed, Executive Chairman of National Care Association said:

“One of the greatest challenges for the NHS and our country as a whole has been caring for vulnerable people once they have received the acute care they need from it. At this point they look to an ailing partner in Social Care to support them and shoulder the responsibility of providing care and support for the citizens, sadly, Social Care faces its own challenges which have been ignored for too long. Social care provision is fragile and faces the harsh realities of being neglected.

As we see investment in the NHS, clearly we can reflect on the lack of investment in social care: the stark reality is that there has been little or none forthcoming to support the hard working people who shoulder the responsibility of delivering care and support once the NHS resolved the acute care issues.

It is important to note that much of the care delivered in social care services includes historic health care tasks and yet there is no recognition for it. So in wishing the NHS a Very Happy 70th birthday, as it blows out its candles I hope that their greatest wish would be to ensure social care receives the recognition it deserves and the Secretary of State fights for an investment which will support the millions of social care staff who work tirelessly to support some of the most vulnerable members of our society.”

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