NCF responds to the Economic Value of Adult Social Care Sector report

05 June 2018 – NCF

On 05.06.2018, a combined set of reports was released exploring the economic value of the social care sector across the UK. NCF was pleased to support this research, believing it vital that the both the scale and contribution of the social care sector is understood and appreciated by policy makers and the wider community. In response to the report.

Vic Rayner said:-

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the economic value of the adult social care sector in England. It is important that the report recognises not just the direct impact of the sector through employment, but also the impact of adult social care on often localised supply chains and the induced impact arising from people spending their hard earned wages, again, often in a very local context. With nearly 1.5 million jobs in the adult social care, this really is a force to be reckoned with.”

I hope that this report will provide a solid evidence base for both the green paper and the social care workforce strategy. These key policy documents are going to be instrumental in shaping the future of social care provision in England. It is clear from this report that social care is already a significant contributor and the opportunities in the future to explore how changes in models of delivery and use of technology can enhance productivity within the sector can only serve to accelerate that contribution.”

The report particularly looks at the contribution of the voluntary sector within England. Vic said of this

This report shows just what a significant contributor the not for profit sector is to the wider social care market. Providing approximately 350K jobs in the sector, with a combined wage bill of over £4 billion and operating in 4.6K regulated settings. These figures, impressive as they are, do not even include the predominance of the not for profit sector within non regulated provision, another boost to local economies provided by charities and voluntary organisations.”

The full report for England can be found here.

NCF were a supporter of the report, and were part of the UK wide steering group driving forward the research.


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