Pharmacists funded to work in care homes in England

15 March 2018 – BBC News

Pharmacists ordered to do checks on care homes amid fears elderly are being harmed by drugs cocktail

15 March 2018 – Telegraph

NHS England will recruit 240 pharmacists for care homes

16 March 2018 – OnMedica

A ‘generation’ of OAPs are left in over-medicated hazes by care homes say NHS bosses

16 March 2018 – Express

NHS England is planning to fund the recruitment of 240 pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to work in care homes to try and cut down on unnecessary medicines taken by the residents.

Care home residents often have one or more long-term health conditions, with some prescribed 10 or more medicines.

Trials have revealed that pharmacists reviewing medicines reduced their use and improved patients’ quality of life.

In one trial, an annual drug cost saving of £249 per patient was made.

That pilot scheme took place in East and North Hertfordshire across 37 care homes.

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