Care chief tells care homes ‘don’t wait for Government to find solution’

16 March 2018 – Care Home News

The chief of Care England wants care homes to examine how they can lead the social care agenda, warning them ‘don’t wait for the Government to find a solution’.

Martin Green, chief executive of Care England, which represents independent care homes, wants to see more transparency over the cost of health and cost of care.

Speaking at the Future of Care conference, he said:

 “We should be challenging where the money is going.

 “We are always being told we are in an era of austerity, yet the health spend is £140bn and social care spend is £18.2bn. These are enormous figures. Yet there is a disproportionate difference between the spend on health care and the spend on social care.”

 “There is a great deal of inequality in our system. What I am clear about is, don’t wait for the Government to find a solution. It is up to us to look at how we deliver the agenda.”

Professor Green said that the sector needs to start thinking “differently about how we deliver social care.

 “We need to start building strong partnership across the system. Don’t wait for the system to think about how it can engage with you. We never see any creativity. We just see the commissioning of services that have always been commissioned. Our current model of health and social care is all about crisis. We need to understand people in a much more sophisticated way.”

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